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Public places to work, learn, play and explore

A new 15,000 sf office building and public courtyard in the heart of Summerville, SC

Amenity buildings for the newest (and coolest) community in Summerville, SC

The parks of The Miracle Leagues of Charleston and Summerville

(The Fly-Around is pretty cool too! Click on the logo to check it out!)

The new high school for Dorchester District 2 was designed by Christopher Karpus while a Project Architect at McMillan Smith & Partners

This middle school addition and renovation in Columbia, SC was designed by Christopher Karpus while a Project Architect at McMillan Smith & Partners

The new JI elementary school on James Island, SC was designed by Christopher Karpus while a Project Architect at McMillan Smith & Partners

( Please forgive just can't squeeze 24 years of experience into a "little" 11 year anniversary!)



We wouldn't mind working there (if we didn't work here)

A new 145,000 sf manufacturing facility with state of the art clean rooms, open manufacturing areas and 4500 sf of class A office space. This aerospace manufacturing facility was designed for The Intertech Group's aerospace division in North Charleston, SC.

This addition and renovation took a local Mount Pleasant eyesore (you know it's true), and converted it to one of the nicest convenience stores in Mount Pleasant. Admittedly, Refuel Oakland is the nicest! Check that one out too.

The Marinex Office Building is a design-build project with Design-Build Construction. They are located on the banks of the Cooper River, and yes, they really like gray...and we really like them!

New convenience store in Knightsville, SC focusing on creative energy and materials conservation, and re-defining what a convenience store should be.

New convenience store in Goose Creek, SC. The design was an elaboration of the original in Knightsville, with some surprises. Did you know that certain colors make you hungry? Us too...

This convenience store, located at the Oakland shopping center in Mount Pleasant, is the nicest convenience store in Mount Pleasant (according to the Refuel Hungryneck write-up). Check it out...we hope you agree!

What happens when you take a nice restaurant in Mount Pleasant, replace it with a better retaurant, a little Karpus Design and award-winning chef, Patrick Owens? Opal.

Check them out HERE!

If you've ever been fishing on Lake Murray, in Chapin, SC, you may have stopped for lunch at Palmetto Roads. This convenience store is designed as an outdoor center, geared to serve the Lake community of Chapin.

Orangeburg, SC is home to this awesome convenience store, designed for Calhoun Oil. Whether you live in Orangeburg, or you have taken exit 145 from I-26, you've probably visited this one!


Architecture can't be religious, but you can.

Located on Church Creek, in the St. Andrews Parish of Charleston, there's a lot of tradition packed into this 5800 sf church in Charleston, SC. Do you know what an abat-voix is? No sound booth in THIS church!

check them out HERE

Summerbrook Church, located in Knightsville, SC is a coffee shop with a church in it...really, they're awesome, and we think their building is too!

check them out HERE

The Journey Church upfit was a great challenge to try and get all of their awesomeness in one space. Apparently, it didn't work because they have a church plant, a sister church and are building again soon...and they're great guys too!

check them out HERE



Karpus Design was founded in May of 2006 by Christopher Karpus with the endless support and encouragement of his beautiful wife, Amy. Chris is a father of three awesome kids, who are "at the office" with him every day.

In celebration of 10 years of architectural service in the Lowcountry, we would like to share that first marketing letter that was distributed 10 years ago. We are even more committed today to the values, faith and commitment that we shared on that day a decade ago:

"Someday is here.  Karpus Design is no longer just a dream, but a reality. I am truly excited to let you know that I have “opened the doors” of my own architectural firm in the great town of Summerville.  I am thrilled with the opportunity to serve those in need of architectural services and this community with the gifts that I have been given, through my commitment to my clients, my faith, my family and my community.  It is my desire, through this company, to do good with what I do well.  I believe that started fourteen years ago when I took my first steps on the road that has lead me to this decision.  I hope that those with whom I have worked in the past can attest to my character, my capabilities, my project leadership and attention to their needs through careful listening; with an end result that stands as a testament and reflection of those needs, not some grand architectural statement, (unless your dream is a grand architectural statement!).  It is on that foundation that I hope that you and I may begin (or continue) our relationship.  In that, I ask that you consider seeking Karpus Design to assist you in your architectural needs.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you from the planning, phasing or fundraising stages of your project through design and construction.  I believe that you will find my experience, stewardship and commitment to re-discovering the lost art of service a welcome change.


...Do not hesitate to call me at 843.425.4124 with any questions or architectural challenge that you may have.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you (again).  Thank you so much for your time and consideration."

Karpus Design exists only by the grace of God, and it's only by His grace and provision that we will continue to get to do what we do. So, it's really not "about us", it's really "about Him", and for that, we are grateful.

We do this...

so we can do this...

Want to know why? Click here

Want to see this fly-around again? Find it HERE

Karpus Design, LLC

P.O. Box 986

Summerville, SC  29484

ph. 843-425-4124

fax. 843-832-7331



Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

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